• DJ Krush

    A man who needs no introduction, a DJ who elevated the art form.

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  • Mode2

    Mode2, an artist who lives and breathes his craft & culture.

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  • Heliocentrics

    On an astral tip, turn left at saturn and keep on going. Malcolm Catto's outer planetary outfit of players are some of the hottest on the planet.

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  • Boris 'Delta' Tellegen

    Where art and structure unite. Delta's work and influence transcends what most comprehend as possible from a graffiti path.

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  • Beak>

    Bristol's genre defying trio, progressive, punchy and addictive...

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  • Swifty

    Swifty's work on Mo'Wax, Talkin Loud and Straight No Chaser during the 90's set the tone for the decade.

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  • Howie B

    From producing stadium filling acts & blockbuster scores to pushing the limits of electronic music, dont't underestimate the output of Howie B.

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  • Augustine Kofie

    Take a dash of mid-century modernism, a splash of space-age cool and a hint of futures past and you get a little closer to understanding Kofie.

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  • Andrea Parker

    With a repertoire that includes producing for the greatest artists and labels of modern music, Andrea Parker remains an inspiration.

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  • sheOne

    The swagger, the attitude, that effortless style. sheOne defines Duchamp's vision of the modern artist.

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  • Further with Dj Food & Pete Williams

    An immersive trip from a duo with vinyl collections to shame us all, Further is a step above.

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Latest NewsCroydon Council Support Synthesis - 28/29/30 Sep 2017

Pulling this event together has been challenging on many levels. Requiring funding, facilities, access and approval from various parties. Croydon Council, and in particular the efforts of Tony Newman, Paul Scott & Paula Murray made this event possible. It's been refreshing to encounter a local authority so driven by the arts, with a desire to build a better society through creativity and artistic expression.

All of the funding we generate goes into building communities through art. Support Synthesis!



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  • Art

    A line up of pioneering international artists transform SE25 over three days.
    Mode2, Boris Tellegen, Augustine Kofie, Will Barras, Swifty, Mr Jago, sheOne, O.Two, Roids and many more step up to make their mark.

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  • Sounds

    As the night draws in we retreat to the warmth of an Edwardian Music Hall.
    With performances from DJ Krush, The Heliocentrics, Beak>, Juice Aleem, Andrea Parker, Howie B, Ofeliadorme, The Unknown and many more.

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  • Flavour

    Take a bite out of a world of different flavours at our Street Food market. .
    Located on Station Road and open from 12noon to 9pm throughout the festival dates.
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